The Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools

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In a spirit of collaboration, we do these things together:

•  professional in-service training for AMDCS faculties
•  strategic planning for the Alliance
•  publications and marketing materials
•  marketing plans for each site
•  grant writing
•  common purchasing for economy of scale
•  text book selection

AMDCS News Updates

December 2014

    The Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools has successfully completed its 2014-2015 Challenge Grant Drive. The Crescent Porter Hale Foundation initially awarded $ 60,000 to the AMDCS in May 2014, with the opportunity of an additional $60,000 as a match, once the AMDCS raised $60,000. The AMDCS was able to meet and even exceeded this goal! All of the funds will be used for tuition assistance for this academic year. A total of $180,000 was raised from this drive alone. The funds will be evenly distributed to the AMDCS member schools for families that qualify for tuition assistance.

    • Novemeber 10, 2014 Consultative Board Minutes (pdf )